Users tracking in the physical world

Users tracking in the physical world

We all know web navigation tracking systems potential and European laws that define limits and competences of data gathered from cookies. On the other hand data gathered by systems able to “read” our habits through the physical world are something completely different.

These systems are able to understand how we move through the physical space, if a shop window is able to slow us down, if we use the escalator or the lift in a shopping center, if we are more interested in biscuits or mozzarella or which is our waiting time within an airport.

Known as Proximity Market, this issue is becoming more complex and well structured.

We talked about it during a webinar on 2nd May 2016.

Our guests were:
Matteo Masi, Cisco Italia sales specialist;
Andrea Margoni, from Softec – Fullsix group;
Luigi Ricchi, from Bologna Airport.