An interactive exhibit for EXPO Milano

An exhibit for EXPO, Parchi Lombardi, Federparchi

During EXPO Milano , and on behalf of Federparchi national, we developed and realized an interactive dedicated to Parks of Lombardy.
A long cardboard surface with honeycombe structure and illustrate medium densità surfices hold two monitors, electronic control units and a series of cards realized printing directly on medium density.
Each card, with postcard size, is dedicated to a regional Parks.
Visitors are asked to introduce the card in a slot situated above the monitor. A soon as the card is in a short video about the Park main info, places of interest and natural beauty.

img-20150923-wa0001NAUTA coordinated both video and Parks info data collection to realize a consisted product, wrote customized software, designed forniture and installed the exhibit within Regione Lombardia spaces.

At the same time NAUTA designed and realized a map of Regione Lombardia in medium density with
Parks borders and main rivers paths printed directly and a piece of forniture to welcome visitors where it has been possible to leave info sheets about the initiative.img_20150921_093647-1