Between 2004 and 2005 it was born in Milan one of most interesting museum lab, very innovative for the time.
Connected to Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, the Biolab has been designed and realized as an educational natural sciences lab.
It is a huge exhibition space, with exhibits that resemble and enhance real aspects of living forms and planet expressions.

NAUTA has been involved in the project to study and realize interactive and control components of original devices expressely developed for Biolab. Along with the experience of multimedia systems and sensors management, our society has effectively contributed to realize what is still considered the most beautiful interactive educational natural sciences lab in Italy.

Most important technical interventions have been done on seven exhibits, here explained:

The rain machine
It is an exhibit that explains Earth’s water cycle.
We realized a timer and control system for each different phase of the experience.

Bones homology

It is an exhibit that explains how same bones, with different size, can be found in all vertebrates.
We have developed and installed the interactive and control system based upon PLC.

The life tree

This is a very complex exhibit where visitors can face living matter diversity.

It is the most complex exhibit realized for the museum.

We developed the interactive system, the radiofrequency dialogue between the rotating parts and the control software on PLC.

A renewed version of the tree of life has been installed in Catania, at Città della Scienza.

The heartbeat

It is an exhibit that visualizes and lets you listen to the heartbeat of many animals, not least your own!

For this exhibit we adapted a software for acoustic signal spectrum analysis.

Giant cells

This exhibit shows the inside and the outside structures of three cells. Each part can be touched by visitors and immediately an explaining video is showed on a screen.

We designed and realized the pneumatic system of interaction.

Same as for the tree of life, we realized an updated copy of this exhibit for Città della Scienza in Catania.

The thunder machine

This exhibit shows and reproduces the delay effect between lightining and thunder. We realized the interactive and timer systems between the machine events. It has also been installed a powerful playback sound system.

The urticating cell

The exhibit shows to visitors how a jellyfish urticating cell works. In this case we realized the electromechanical control system for carriages position.