Match the skull

Hominid skulls usedWe designed and realized an interactive exhibit, where it is possible to handle five hominid skulls and where visitor is asked to find corrispondence between skulls and related mandibles.

The exhibit, according to the scientific coordinator and the exhibition director requests,includes a system able to recognize the evidences that, talking to an Arduino board, identifies the right skull that matches with the right mandible. In case of correct matching an explaining video is showed.

The exhibit will be on display within the Homo Sapiens exhibition, at MUDEC – Museo delle culture, between October 2016 and February 2017.

Skulls, bought from Bone Clones in the United States, have been added with magnetic mini-tags. We internally strengthened the skulls resin to facilitate fixing in case of damages during the exhibition and we made 3D skull scans for future reference.

The exhibit comes as a round white surface with a lowered central area where there is a monitor.
Videos, prepared with Adobe Premiere, show the animationmatch-the-skull of a pointer that moves and then it stops in front of the correctly placed skull.
The Arduino board, with an added tinkerkit shield, has reading stabilization and anti rebound functions. In case the skull contact is not perfectly closed or if it is removed too early, the software can deal with it. The control is passed to IAdea fullHD mediaplayer that shows the related video.