The river museum in Trezzo d’Adda

schermata-2016-10-17-alle-21-43-40In 2015 we accomplished the project, along with Giovanni Rivolta, architect from Studio A4A, and we hope to open the river museum within the beginning of 2017, final action within the ABcD project -Adda Biocultural District.

We are leading the executive direction of the project.

This interactive museum project uses video contents to show and explain a structured land territory.

The big map of Adda valley, between Lecco and Cassano, will be searchable using a placeholder. Visitors will be able to choose among about ten points of interest and will listen to stories of men and feats that animated this land for centuries.

Semitransparent additional layers can be placed on the map to read about extraordinary events like a battle or Leonardo da Vinci stay.

schermata-2016-10-17-alle-21-44-33Along with the big map, where people will be able to find their own home, there will be also recreated a typical natural environment, using unreleased photos of Brivio marsh, and a last century industrial environment where visitors will experience the working conditions in a textile factory of the early ‘900.