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We help you organize and lead webinars, seminars, conferences and meetings with partners, clients or with whom you would like to meet. We find right people for your business and we bring you to your goal.

Within 2016 we organized a series of webinars on [IOT – Internet of thing] applications to the real world, for CISCO Italia and TRIWÙ. Ten meetings with very different guests.
We organized and led five of these business roundtables.

Security in IoE world

Security will be one of the important driving forces of IoE world. Interconnected sensors web security and related decisions security ...
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Start thinking in IoT

STARTING IN IOT – LIVE The basic tool kit to start thinking in IoT for your company and in life ...
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Interconnected objects for homes. 2

The challenge to spread interconnected devices in homes has just begun Succeed in installing a connected device in a client’s ...
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Interconnected objects for homes. 1

The conquest of home space. IoT solutions and Design relationships. What goes on with interconnected objects in homes? Which are ...
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Forth industrial revolution. 2

We wrote texts and animated written words, using kinetic typing technique, in an emotional video about forth industrial revolution. This ...
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Users tracking in the physical world

Users tracking in the physical world We all know web navigation tracking systems potential and European laws that define limits ...
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