We do

Here we are,

We are good at developing unconventional communication plans, we are good at thinking (and organizing/producing/dealing with) activities that show who you are and what you can do.

We are good at listening to your story and we are able to make it essential for your target clients.

We can live broadcast events, meetings and webinar.
We can communicate an european project or a satellite launch.

We can develop interactive systems able to speak to your clients, to make them play while they are queueing, to listen to their opinions but we can also develop intelligent systems able to count clients and to understand what they do and where they go inside your mega store.

Let’s talk, we can certainly become very good friends.

What follows it’s not a real portfolio but a selection of ideas, projects, outputs and products we achieved in last years.
They are very technologic, sometimes analogic, digital, aesthetic, happy by nature.


An interactive exhibit for EXPO Milano

During EXPO Milano , and on behalf of Federparchi national, we developed and realized an interactive dedicated to Parks of ...
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Between 2004 and 2005 it was born in Milan one of most interesting museum lab, very innovative for the time ...
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Match the skull

We designed and realized an interactive exhibit, where it is possible to handle five hominid skulls and where visitor is ...
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The river museum in Trezzo d’Adda

In 2015 we accomplished the project, along with Giovanni Rivolta, architect from Studio A4A, and we hope to open the ...
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